Personal Statement: A Career In Special Education

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Growing up, my cousins and I would always play school. We would argue back and forth on who was going to get to be the teacher for the class. It was fun and exciting to play school then. But, I learned from all those play times that it was easy to play the teacher, but it is not quite so easy to turn into one. I wanted to be a coach because I truly enjoyed sports. I had some coaches that I really looked up to and knew that being a coach was the profession I wanted to go into. I soon learned that those positions fill up fast. I then began to think in what other aspect of teaching I would like to try. It seemed like special education was the area that I kept going to. I have been told by several that special education takes a special kind of person with special talents to teach in this area. Could I do it?…show more content…
So many times, especially in the field of coaching, I had the “me” attitude. It was all about my ability to be well informed and win games. I was told that if you are not winning, you are not coaching. But in the special education field, I have found out it is all about the children. You have to be there for them, be knowledgeable about what you are teaching, continuing everyday to learn how to teach them to be able to grasp the content, and be interested in their lives. These children as well as all children need the help in preparing to be caring, responsible, and valuable citizens in any way possible. Being a kind teacher will have an impact on my students, their parents, my colleagues, and just help the day go by. Being a teacher with a positive attitude will also help make teaching days better. I know that this will not be an easy task when problems arise and an answer cannot be easily

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