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Why are veterans important to our everday life and society. Veterans are what make our history. They have won wars by risking the limds, lives, and homes. If they did not fight our battles and win our wars we wouldn't have the America we know and love today. Veterans better our tactic's,weoponry, and aromor by risking there lives to make us as a nation a stronger and fortified hammer of justice and these survivors of service deserve much more than given and should be treated as a knight of honor and valor should. Veterans are important becuase of the risk and sacrifices that they took to honor and serve on thier countries behalf weither they volentered or were drafted they all fought there enemies the same weither with arms, aclip board, or…show more content…
Our veterans shouldn't be shut out by the world as a the black sheep of the flock. They should be treated with the highest honor possible. They are our structure our foundation and our security. During there service they fought long and hard to ensure that the citizens of our great nation could sleep at ease even when they could not sleep at all. Now after fulfilling their goals and objectives they can rest easy now knowing that their friends, family, and home are safe. Now due to there powerful influence of displaying justice and peace they know that the next generation of service men and women fortifed by learning from thier mistakes. Now there for ensuring there victory and success over the upcoming struggles and battles that the future holds for them. Our veterans make impacts on the future to come such as technology upgrades and traditions that are proformed ever till this vary day that was handed down by veterans. When ever our nation is at threat or is in the heat of a war break out the government calls on the assistance and the power of our ever growing military. I know that some may have douts about government,military and the veterans of

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