Personal Speech: Why We Should Be Together?

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This is written by me. I will tell you why we should be together. Every second for us is precious and we are given an opportunity to learn something new about each other every day. I’m not going to lie. From the minute I met you, I just wanted to know more. The awkward couple of first meetings were my charms didn’t work. We didn’t talk a lot and we didn’t have that long. I didn’t know anything about you from the moment we kissed. I was left on a blind, like I was driving in the dark, where I was completely unaware of what was about to hit me. Little by little, from the texts to the Facebook chats, even to the first couple of phone calls, we began to learn more about each other. That’s where my heart stopped. Time is something that we’ve learned to enjoy. I can bet that people think we are strange because we have to say goodbye every time and all those “I Miss You’s” that reminds us of the 2 weeks we had together. Time sucks, it really sucks. Because of it, we’ve learned to make the most out of the little times and moments we have together. We always talk as if we’re cramped for time. I can’t see myself going through a day without talking to you, and so far, you’re still yourself. We’re both on an amusing trip. When you said, “Yes I…show more content…
Not only my heart likes you but my brain likes you and my Brian doesn’t like anybody. Things we haven’t done yet but is a bit crazy is discussing kid’s names. The thing you don’t like is you love to sleep and I love to watch you while you sleep. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to learn you how to drive my car. We are so good dancers and everybody knows it. You love wearing my stuff and I love it when you wear it, it makes me happy. There are so many things we haven’t done in the bedroom and I only want to try it all with

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