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1. Introduction Since the late 1800's and, especially since the United States signed the North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the United States of America struggle against the flow of undocumented workers, mainly from the Mexican side of the border. In order to resist the flow of immigrants, since 1924, groups of men patrol the borders, the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol's duty is to trace undocumented entrants, to avert human and drug trafficking and to guard the country from trespassing terrorists and their weapons. Border Patrol agents undergo special studies and thorough combat and endurance training. Among the wide range of narratives about the Border Patrol agents, Francisco Cantu and…show more content…
Furthermore, Urrea describes the impact of the crossing on the American and Mexican society. Despite successful graduation and completed training, a large proportion of Border Patrol agents turn out to be completely unsuitable and inadequate for their task due to mental pressure, increasing sympathy toward immigrants and mistrust about the rightfulness of the work…show more content…
In order to become a Border Patrol agent special courses are required. Despite the courses, in duty every Border Patrol agent also learns more specific methods, not necessarily legal, which might help to lure the immigrants out of their hiding place or to force to backtrack. Although, the majority of these methods was created to protect the citizens from illegal immigration, their consequences are often irresponsible and cruel. Often Border Patrol agents recognize the aftermath of their deeds, they recognize the inhumanity of the taught approach toward the immigrants, but they are too intimidated to disagree. A disagreement with the mode of operation signifies an instability of the worker involved and foreshadows lack of executed

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