Personal Narrative: Where My Heart Takes Me

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Where My Heart Takes Me My pulse is high. Even though I wanted this, it just feels so scary. “Please world, please get better and more joyful without this mess called me. Please take me somewhere safe and sound, away from my nightmare.” I woke up from my nice fluffy bed. A sandwich in my hand and I was ready for school. I rode my bike down the busy road, that laid on the big hill that I always enjoyed riding down on, and smiled back to my many neighbors going at the speed of light, or at least that is how it felt. I parked my bike where I always do, Said, “good morning” as always to the janitor and went towards culinary as I had every Thursday. I and my group made my favorite meal, or one of them, Lasagna. I wanted to share some of my piece of it with my other friends, but I ate it too quickly. Then I had math, English, PE and Done! I and the guys went around town just messing around and having fun, then at night, we left for the club.…show more content…
My morning was the usual, I took my sandwich and rode my bike down the hill, but when I came close to the end of the hill to the stop light, my bike would not stop. I tried by all that I could to stop it, but I had no luck. Why did she not see me? I wish I could have stopped it in time, but I had no way of doing that. Even though I hit the ground faster than I than any of my reflections, my big scars, and bent arm just came back to normal. I did not feel even a little bit of pain. Even though I was so sad for the child, then in a very short moment I was a little bit fascinated at the same

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