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Beyond Band of Brothers Beyond Band of Brothers is a non-fiction historical account of the U.S. Army's Easy Company during World War II. It was written by Major Richard "Dick" Winters with Colonel Cole C. Kingseed. Major Winters was the Commander of Easy Company's 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Although Beyond Band of Brothers is his biggest work, he also authored The Jesuits Dance in 2005 and A Horseman's Journey: from the First Ride to Spin and Slide in 2010. He wrote Beyond Band of Brothers in 2006 after receiving Stephen Ambrose's box full of memories of the men who had contributed to Ambrose's book—Band of Brothers. As he read over the stories, he realized there were many good ones that were not included in Ambrose's book. He thought it was a shame that so many of them had remained "untold". So, he decided to compile these stories into his book Beyond Band of Brothers and expand upon what Stephen Ambrose had already begun to. As such, Winters’ narrative is not only his own recollections, but also Ambrose’s collected notes from interviews with other…show more content…
I, however, found Beyond Band of Brothers to have been a quick and easy read. The flow was organized nicely so it was very easy to follow along with. The personal accounts were interesting, and it was compelling to gain insight into the mind of someone who lived it. Winters' set out to tell the stories of the men Ambrose never got to, and he did just that. People all over the world had a thirst to hear more from him and the men themselves, and I believe he gave those people the information they had been yearning for. I myself do not have any questions specific to the author, but I am interested to hear even more personal experiences. I will go back to Stephen Ambrose’s book and read that over so I can acknowledge which stories he left out, and how Major Winters’ view is perhaps different from

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