The Pros And Cons Of Inequality

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On a regular day in the office, a group of employees were chatting during their break. They were talking about how bossy and overbearing a certain female coworker was. On the other hand, they also mentioned a male coworker whom they described as determined and praiseworthy. Both employees do the same job, get the same orders, and apply the same approach. The employees judged their two coworkers in a biased manner. They based their judgement on their coworker’s gender. They used a double standard to determine a way a person was viewed and treated. A double standard is a form of bias that promotes inequality, affects people negatively, and gives a disadvantage to certain groups. Inequality has long been an issue in society and double standards…show more content…
They have started speaking out on the injustices and maltreatment they have experienced. Minority groups have suffered from the stereotypes and the negative expectations and impressions for many years which is brought by the double standards that society has of them. An example, according to Rose (2013) and Ali (2011), is the September 11 incident that has placed a biased judgement and stereotype on the Muslim community for years. They have been discriminated and forced to apologize for a crime that only a small number of them has committed. They have been generalized as terrorists and criminals. Even now, almost fifteen years after the incident, they still suffer from hate and Islamophobia. The same cannot be said of the military men that wage war in the Middle East. These men are branded as heroes and given medals for spreading violence in a foreign country. When white folk invade a foreign country, it is seen as just and acceptable but when the natives retaliate they are seen as hostile people. The natives defending their land are painted as the enemies. This shows the racial double standard between white folk and people of
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