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Contrasting Perceptions of Good and Evil: Lessons from Philip Pullman and C.S. Lewis Introduction The battle between good and evil is found to be one of the most common themes in literature and at times believed to play a universal role in the human condition. Given that there are variations to this notion; one being the external conflict between individuals or ideologies and the other being an internal struggle within oneself. One of the earliest accounts of such conflicts is in Genesis 3:1-7, where Eve was tempted by the devil in the guise of a serpent which leads to the concept of original sin. This struggle translating into original sin is directly depicted in Lewis’ ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ where good and evil are straightforward…show more content…
For instance, when Lord Fa reveals to Lyra about her parentage, he explains that her mother was already married to another man when she had Lyra. When her mother’s husband found out about Lyra, he went after the Gyptian woman and the child. Fortunately, Lord Asriel was alerted and killed the husband so as to save them both. “The consequence was a great lawsuit” (Pullman, Northern Lights: 7) as there were laws that allowed any man to ‘avenge the violation of his wife’ but none to protect those who commit a murder in self-defence or to protect another life. Thus, Lord Asriel's actions were a matter of a moral dilemma. Can murder be justified if it was for a noble reason? Morally speaking, this notion sheds light on the didactic ideologies that Pullman is highlighting through his book; that the Church’s moralistic teachings may not be practical in reality. Lord Asriel had made a valiant sacrifice by speaking the truth and not denying that he murdered the perpetrator, knowing that he would be punished. The judges punished Lord Asriel ‘by confiscating all his property and all his land, and left him a poor man’ (Pullman, Northern Lights: 7). Pullman employs Lord Asriel’s character to show that one needs to take matters into one’s own hands for the greater good. In this case, the guilty being made to die for the protection of the innocent seems to be a necessary

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