Personal Narrative: Softball

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I was that girl on the softball field you loved to hate. From ages five to eighteen, I was the girl who had to put up with all the nonsense. I made many friends, but I also made many enemies. From my tee-ball years to my high school years, I lived a dream come true. To be willing to play softball. Most little girl you would think all you would think about would be dressing up, makeup, baby dolls; well, I was a bit different. My only interest as a little girl was softball. I was a natural at this sport. I never was the one who was constantly needing help, I could figure it out and learn on my own. I love, live, breath fast pitch softball. It is my game, my sport, defiantly my way of life. During the summer I am out of town almost every weekend, weather it is driving down to Oklahoma, Las Vegas, or, Arizona with my AAU traveling team. Going out of town that much on top of practice three times a week, I guess you could say commitment to move forward and get to the next level is a must. For the past four years of high school career I have been on a summer comp.…show more content…
My coaches Ryan, and Jeff were fathers of our catcher and our second basemen. They were just as much part of my family as the rest of the girls. Those two coaches are the ones that educated me on the real game of softball, they taught me how to love it, breathe it, and taught me how to have desire for the game. It didn’t come simple to learn the game inside and out. Being a family for so long and being together for hours, upon hours, and nights, we were joined at the hip. We were all so close to each other that when we played we were good. We knew how each one of us threw; we knew how each other hit, and what each of us struggled with. We could predict what was going to happen next in the game, like who was going to call it, and who was going to score, who was going to bunt to get someone on
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