To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Vs Book

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With writing a successful novel may also come with a film. Ideally, the movie is supposed to complement the novel. However, the film captures specific scenes that the novel did not; or goes in depth with a scene that was only briefly mentioned in the book. Vice versa. This comparing and contrasting essay with explore the benefits and downside to the film and novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In the novel Scout is the narrator which makes it a little difficult telling the story in first person. Scout as the narrator in the film would present her as being distracting, so she is there to set the mood for the film. With this, the viewers do not get a sense of Scout as first-person in the movie as they do in the book; they get a childlike personality as portrayed in the book. The music helps to bring the childlike perspective to life in the movie with the different ensembles, beats, and single notes. Since the narration is not direct in the film, the story line seems to focus on Jem’s experiences rather than Scout. For example, Jem finds his clothing in a tree. He helps Atticus to confess what happens to Helen Robinson husband’s death.…show more content…
For example, Aunt Alexandra is not mentioned in the movie. Stephanie Crawford is Dill’s aunt and Cecil Jacobs, not Francis Hancock. So the issue that they had in the book was Scout “acting like a lady” is never an issue in the movie because they hadn’t focused on it in the book. In the movie they as focused on new characters to help support the story line. In the movie, Scout and Jem talk about their mother who has passed away; she is noticed throughout the movie, but is only briefly mentioned in the book. In the movie the audiences get introduced to Tom Robinson’s father and

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