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Gloria Swanson Actress by fate. Gloria May Josephine Swanson made her mark in movie history simply by stumbling into the right movie studio. She is known as one of the biggest stars in the silent movie era, a fashion icon most notably for her role in the classic film “Sunset Boulevard”. She made minor appearances in a few films and began climbing her way up the totem pole to stardom. Gloria was born on March 27th 1899, in Chicago, Illinois, where she lived a quite ordinary youth. She spent her whole adolescence without pursuing anything to do with acting, her rise to fame as an actress was not intentional. Gloria and her aunt went to a movie studio to watch the making of the film “The Fable of Elvira and Farina and the Meal Ticket”. She was…show more content…
Women were still viewed as lesser back then so most of the time they just did what they were told. But not Gloria. Gloria directed many movies that she acted in and often choose a more risqué path. She played a prostitute in a few films and even when she didn’t she still dressed very provocatively. It was strange considering she was a woman with such power in the film industry but played such deeming roles adding to the requiring theme in Hollywood films glorying the objectification of women. But none the less it was very rare to see a woman in control and she gave many more woman the confidence to take control. Gloria’s infamous love affairs are definitely something she will always be remembered by. It is clear that she did not like the idea of monogamy and she made it known. Supposedly she had a total of 80 publicly known romances. She has been quoted saying “romance runs through my veins like the blood in my body” and boy, did she mean it. Gloria’s acting skills are legendary. Watching her movies now, it would seem dated obviously but from the roaring twenties, throughout the dirty thirties, all the way to the golden ages she was a star. She was the

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