Personal Narrative: Overcoming A Break

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Overcoming a breakup is never easy for anyone, When I was 16 I experienced my first ever real breakup. My experience was the best, the aftermath was hell and the acceptance made me stronger. I was in Highschool my sophomore year when I met this kid named Jacob. Jacob was an easy going regular guy who was about my age. He had thick black hair that came past his ears, grey wide framed glasses and a slouch that showed how chill he was. He wasn’t the type of guy girls at my school would date, he was pretty nerdy and would watch shows that nobody really ever heard of or he would play games all day in his room. Very quiet in classes and to himself. One day we spiked a conversation due to a t-shirt I wore from the TV show Sons of Anarchy. He was a big fan just like me and I appreciated how a guy who barely talked to anyone came out of nowhere with an awesome conversation. We talked…show more content…
I wasn’t quite happy but I was feeling pretty decent during this time. I knew that whatever we went through was an experience. Even though the feelings we had were real, I had to think about the decision and analyze it. We were going our separate ways and going to different schools and we are only 18 and have the whole world to discover to ourselves and the people we still haven’t met. I learned from this that just because you love something does not mean it is meant to stay. Sometimes things need to be let go to enjoy better experiences and I thoroughly believe that my grievance being in college working hard for something I want to do for the rest of my life is waiting for me and that the people I met in college are my number one supporters. I unblocked my ex boyfriend and messaged him 2 months later and we talked it over and came to agreement that we can still be really good friends and that we weren’t really going to be looking for anyone else for a long long time. We enjoyed our experience

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