Personal Narrative: My First Job

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When I was sixteen, I obtained my first real job. There had been prior cases of employment, odd jobs such as walking neighbors dogs, or watching a younger relative for an evening. Never had there been one that required me to arrive at the certain time, that enforced a rigid dress code. This was a large milestone for me, a unfamiliar responsibility that took a hold of the final shreds of childhood and shook them from my shoulders, allowing me the first glimpse of adulthood. My first job is not a glamorous one. Daily duties include preparing coffee, fries and baked goods to ensure each guest receives fresh food. The uniforms are tawdry, and the management domineering. But while it may not come across as the most alluring of jobs, it is mine and it has successfully expanded my ideas of responsibility and the demands of adulthood.…show more content…
Before I took up the common practice of work, the recurrent routine was to come home from school, where I would then devote much of my time to lounging around for hours prior to tackling any homework that had been presented to me that day. Chores were heedlessly pushed aside, left to be a welcome home gift for my parents after their long day's work. This tendency quickly faded once work was introduced to my daily schedule. Coming home from a particularly long shift, tired from rushing around, I realized that my mother would routinely suffer all of this, but to a higher degree of stress. When I finished dinner that night I decided to wash the dishes, to fold all the laundry and clean the bathroom. By introducing work I learned responsibility to a higher extent, and that it is not the job of others to do what I already should be

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