Bo Founzidar: A Brief Story Of A Soldier

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He thought about that event which happened about nine years ago, and gradually, his thoughts drifted back to the present. He had just joined the Yugoslav Partisans, fighting for the freedom of Yugoslavia. He thought about his old friend, who had joined the Chetniks a year ago, after finishing school. Božidar was excited at the prospect of fighting in a real war, but was also afraid of bodily injuries resulting in a painful death. He also wanted to fly up the ranks, in order to beat Uroš. Plus, his father was here, too, and Božidar wanted to see him in battle. He looked up to his father, Velibor, for he had cared for and played with Božidar when he was young. He thought of his kind mother back home, struggling with her job and daily life, for…show more content…
The task seems easy, thought Božidar. He was armed, and at night, sneaked into a German rail yard. They went to each train car and cut apart the wheels or the connectors, rendering them useless. Then they took from the cars a minute amount of supplies, so that the Germans would not notice. Then they dashed out of the barren yard. Success! he thought, as they ran back to the main Army. His second mission, however, did not go exactly as planned. One of their members tripped on a stump while running towards a railroad. Some German guards heard the noise, and came after them. They ran off into a small route and hid there, as the Germans were searching for them. Then they ran off, not having accomplished anything. Back at the camp, Božidar made many new friends, most of which were middle-aged men. His best friend was a Spaniard named Demetrio, and was a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. He entertained them with stories of college life and his childhood. He sang songs and recited literature, for the others finished school years ago, and forgot most of the content. Božidar helped them relive their childhood, and basically keep them…show more content…
He was woken up by... Who is he? Božidar wondered. I don’t know- Oh, he’s a friend. He realised as his pupils adjusted to the light. One of his comrades noticed that one person was missing, and so he and another soldier went looking for him at the crack of dawn. They found Božidar lying exactly where he’d lain himself down. Božidar rubbed his eyes, looking around. Then he got up and packed up his stuff, some of which rolled down the side of the hill. His comrades, who were called Nebojša, and Miroslav, helped him up. Together, they camouflaged themselves in the forest, and walked back into the new camp. Back at the camp, Božidar was surprised to learn that someone betrayed the location of his father’s camp to the Germans, and in the middle of the night, the Germans massacred them. Only a few survived, and Božidar started sobbing when he heard that his dad didn’t make it out. But he was comforted when he knew that his father died a valiant death, defending the others and himself. He vows to avenge his father's death and free his country from the Nazis as much as he

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