Chiropractic: Personal Statement

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Throughout my whole life I have known that I would love to express my passion of helping others through my lifestyle. What other job could perfectly define this than being a Chiropractor? Chiropractic is a very rewarding profession, which is why it has continued to intrigue me over this past year. By being a Chiropractor you are open to everyday opportunities to release the innate potential of the human body. Within the body there is a intimate relationship between the nervous system and spine, and by focusing on this relationship you have the potential to improve the health of an individual. I really love the art of chiropractic and how I, using my own two hands, could help the wellness of anybody, with just a few adjustments of the spine. If I was given the opportunity to become a Chiropractor, and help many of my patients bodies to be able to heal themselves, and perform at their full potential everyday, Chiropractic would not only be my job, but my lifestyle, and…show more content…
The mission of this world-renowned college is “To educate great people to become the world’s best chiropractors”, which basically explains why I would love to attend this college; to graduate into one of the world’s best chiropractors. The point of difference between this college and many others, is that there is a sense of community, and since the class sizes are small, you can benefit from a lot of contact from highly qualified Chiropractors. Also something I find really cool is that you are given the oppurtunity to take the skills you have learnt so far to Rarotonga to help the citizens there that have very limited access to healthcare. By completing this rewarding experience it will give me an insight into how I can help anyone anywhere in the world by graduating in this

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