Examples Of Anaphora Rhetoric

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They tell me! Anaphora rhetoric They tell me everything will be okay! They always say that when they know there is more to come. They tell me what I want to hear, even when I know that’s the course of their communication. Further more, they seem to try convincingly to reassure me that every step I have taken is a step closer. They tell me convincingly by use of words to self-affirm they have my best interests at heart. They also convey that I have accomplished the goal I set for myself. However, the resolve of the actions recently, have the opposing effect on my emotions. They tell me that everything will work out in the long run. They don’t understand that I can’t believe a scintilla of truth in what they say. When everything has gone to hell and a hand basket around me, they have deaf ears to my communicating and of extending as far as possible any new practice which they may have found to be advantageous.…show more content…
Nonetheless, a continued effort would be fairly easy to follow, as once performed is repetitiously easier on subsequent occasions. They tell me the story over and over again, with many optional endings and various out comes, beyond what I had ever imagined or could fathom in reality. Could all or none of these outcomes possibly happen yet how can I be assured that they are telling me what has been put to the test of time and actions, confirmation of reality. They tell me compellingly my life will change with these small changes in my daily routine and rituals, eventually providing the greatest improvement to the outcome desired over a long period of
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