Literary Elements In The Shabbat By Marjane Satrapi

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The story The Shabbat by Marjane Satrapi is very interesting, because she is telling a true story about herself through a comic. “Satrapi contends that her graphic narrative of her childhood rooted in and articulated through the Islamic Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War presents trauma as ordinary both in the text's form and in style.” (Chute) In Satrapi’s story it has a lot of literary elements like, conflict, setting, narrator point of view, and tone. The story starts off with the conflict. The Tehran’s are at war with the Iraq, “To keep us from forgetting that we are at war, Iraq opted for a new strategy.” (Satrapi) The story setting starts with the daughter Marji and her parents with their neighbors, all sitting in the living room. In…show more content…
As she rushes to her house, and the setting changes to everyone left in the town is gathered in front of her street. It was said the bomb “apparently, it exploded at the end of the street” (Satrapi) were her house was. The tone of the story is still worried and scared, because she is looking for her family and is afraid they might be dead because of the bomb. Marji finds her mom and finds out her dad is fine they are all safe. At this point of the story the setting and the tone of the story stays the same but now the question is “Where did it hit?” “The Baba-Levy’s house.” (Satrapi) Marji and her mother are afraid that they may have been in the house while the bomb hit. Even more so they were afraid they were dead. Satrapi “emphasizes that this visual chronicle rejects the idea that trauma is or should ever be normal.” (Chute) While walking away from the destroyed house Marji sees the Baba-Levy’s daughters Neda’s bracelet with in the debris of the house. “I saw a turquoise bracelet. It was Neda’s. Her Aunt had given it to her for her fourteenth birthday.” (Satrapi) Marji suddenly starts to cry. This is where the story tone changes to sad and remains sad. Marji cries out of pain and

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