Christopher Mcdougall's Born To Run

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Why does my foot hurt? A question many people have asked themselves over the course of their lives. Most people go to the doctor and get medicine or special shoes and go on living their lives. Although, a logical strategy to fix a problem there are always other ways to solve a problem. In the book Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall, McDougall writes about the journey he encounters in Mexico and how he took part in the greatest race the world has never seen which all started with a question: Why does my foot hurt? McDougall takes a narrative approach as he tries to get answers after being told he cannot run anymore after suffering a painful injury. As McDougall looks for answers he discovers the Tarahumara Indians or “Running people” who…show more content…
To go on, Caballo Blanco is a mysterious man who is not part of the Tarahumara tribe but has earned their trust of Arnulfo Quimare, the greatest living Tarahumara runner. From the friendship Caballo makes with Arnulfo he begins to live and run with the Tarahumara people. As Caballo becomes more comfortable with McDougall he shares his dream to have an ultramarathon with the best American long distance runners and the Tarahumara. This dream becomes an actuality as McDougall gives backstories and lets the reader know what Americans are going to be in the ultramarathon. But before discussing the participants, McDougall recalls a time when the Tarahumara people came to race in America under the leadership of American wilderness photographer, Joe Fisher who gain the trust of the Tarahumara before slowly scaring them off causing them to isolate themselves due to his erratic and strange behavior towards them and the media. Fisher’s behavior caused the Tarahumara people to only trust their own people. Anyone else was considered a Chabochis (outsider). Transitioning over to the Americans that would run in the ultramarathon; Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton, Billy Barnett, and Barefoot

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