Personal Narrative: Moving To A New School

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It was a foggy day as I saw my last few items get dropped off. Tomorrow I have to go to a new school, I dreaded everything. I woke up the next morning and then I slowly got ready. On my way to school, I was hoping for things to perk up but they just did not, my parents were fighting the whole way. They have been like this since the move. As they drove off they did not even care to say bye or have a nice day, I felt invisible. It did not help that no one would talk to me when I walked in, not even the Principle. Then it happened. A small girl walked up to me shyly, it is not her fault I am not that approachable. I have two different color eyes and a prosthetic arm. She asked me nervously do you know were I can find my locker? I responded sorry…show more content…
I did not want to go to school anymore either because it was my fault this happened. I still talked to Dylan but that did not last long so again I went to my dark place, the other me, I did not look up any more I was to scared. Then my dad left me and only my Moms parents would take care of me I was only fourteen years old I had no one. It was my last day moving day, I was going back to Great Britain. The American dream was a nightmare for me. The day I came back home I got a letter from Dylan and it said that he was finally caught I could rest now. The only thing I wondered was if I could had been the other me the entire time what would happen then would this be…show more content…
To make things worse when I walked in my house finally and my Dad was almost screaming at my Mom to sign the paper I was so confused. They did not hear me come in so I slowly walked around to find them. I turn a corner and all I saw was my Mom in tears crying and my Dad yelling the tears were coming out of her eyes like waves hitting the coast. They noticed me and stopped my Mom tried to hide the paper and my Dad sat me down and explained. All he got to say was they were getting a divorce, then I started crying and ran

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