Cartman's Use Of Satire In The Cissy

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Our research project focuses on issues central to members of the LGBT community. The inspiration behind the project came from watching an episode of South Park about gender-neutral bathrooms. South Park is an animated, satirical American sitcom that plays out the misadventures of four school kids: Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick. This ongoing, surreal narrative takes place in a dysfunctional town, known as South Park, Colorado. This dark adult comedy is best known for it’s crude humor and cynical language. One of the most recent episodes titled, “The Cissy,” addresses issues regarding gender identity and biological sex and assumptions of heteronormativity. The title, itself is worth paying close attention to.…show more content…
Here, another dialogue is shared over Cartman’s gender identity. The school principal declares that Cartman has no right to use the restroom. To which he replies, “I live a life of torture and confusion…society sees me as a boy, but I am really a girl.” Although this is a parody that plays on for the remainder of the twenty-two minute show, in just a little over three-minute this compilation of satirical elements reveals larger societal issues. Most notable are the issues of heteronormativity and the power of that construct, along with issues of identity and…show more content…
The educational sessions offered, Safe Zone Trainings are designated to guide those who are trying to negotiate their gender identities, and also serve as a supplementary resource for those trying to understand the complexities of gender, sex, and sexuality. The sessions focus on providing a comprehensive list of terminology. Words like gender, sex, cisgender, and heterosexism are defined, inclusive language is shared and alternative pronouns are

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