Personal Narrative: Journal Entry

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Journal Entry #1 Sometime during spring 2012 Today was like any other day down at my family’s cabin. People were out on trails riding atvs and probably breaking them. Most of my family were gone at the trails at the time except for me, my two uncles, and my grandpa. I was bored so my uncle and I were throwing a football to pass the time and we were on a slanted hill and I was in a position to where if he threw it to far i would have to run downhill towards trees and rocks. it was all good until he had told me to run and when he threw it he slipped on the wet grass from the rain that had happened just a while ago and the ball went towards the gravel driveway. When i went to catch the ball i tripped over a hole in the yard and landed knee first into large jagged rock.…show more content…
When i got up to stand I collapsed to the ground now feeling all of the pain. Just realizing the gigantic hole in my knee i for some reason felt the urge to poke it. I didn’t actually see the blood basically pouring out of my knee until i poked at it. Once i touched it i felt more and more pain than before until it became too much. I was holding in the pain trying not to scream or yell and when i found enough strength to get up and walk five feet into the open i fell now letting out all the pain i was holding in. With a very loud painful scream i collapsed trying to get up but i couldn’t gather the strength to get up, it was all taken away when i hit the
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