Sharon Flake's So I Ain T No Good Girl

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Popular Spoiled Boy In the story “So I Ain’t No Good Girl” by Sharon Flake is kind of based in real life. It’s because of when teenagers have relationship they’ve been distracted. Instead of Raheem studying, he knows that his girlfriend is going to do it for him. Flake made the girl so in love to Raheem. It’s great because the reader is focusing to Raheem’s girlfriend. The place seems realistic for this story, when the driver stops two blocks away. The driver eyes her and said “getting off?” When the bus stops again the good girls fly out the back door and head for their school. The place always take a scene on the bus stop and the on the bus. Flake made some of the characters overacting for a little. It’s just the girlfriend of Raheem who almost fight everyone…show more content…
Flake uses her own idea and a realistic life based story and realistic place like school to portray the setting in “So I Ain’t No Good Girl”. Raheem’s girlfriend did everything. She did his homework, wash his clothes, lend the money to him, and everything. She did all of that just to be his boo. If you want true love, you will not do everything for him. Both of you has to. Raheem is popular but he doesn’t even take their relationship serious. On page 4 of the “So I Ain’t No Good Girl”, Raheem’s girlfriend did everything just to be his boo. But then when Raheem takes off his sunglasses to wipe something out his eye. His eyes crawl over one of them good girls. The evidence supports the thesis statement because, if Raheem still like her, he wouldn’t crawl his eyes into the one of the good girls. He should appreciate all the works that his girlfriend have been done nice to himself. On page 5, Raheem’s girlfriend apologizes because she remembered when her daddy slaps her mom. For me, girls shouldn’t be the one who apologizing to the boys; unless they did something wrong. But Raheem’s girlfriend didn’t do anything to him so Raheem should be the one

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