How Does Culture Influence Zoe's Development

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First of all, living in poverty will definitely influence Zoe's development, since we will have limited resources and attention devoted to the child. Zoe will have less time interacting with us because we need to work full time to make a living. Lack of synchrony (mutual interaction between the child and the care givers) can cause serious problems with attachments. Zoe will be less familiar with me; hence, she will have less trust and security. In addition, we will be less willing to take Zoe to places like play ground, museum, or foreign places which require a lot of money. Lack of interaction and exploration with the outside world can lead to slower cognitive and language development because I would have less opportunity to communicate with Zoe (eg., talk about different objects and events of the surrounding). In addition, Zoe's toy choices will be restricted as well. For example, we would not be able to afford these sophisticated toys which tend to enhance child's cognitive and fine motor development. At last, with no extra cash,…show more content…
One way that a culture can influence child's development is by infusing cultural values. For example, Chinese culture emphasizes on collective values such as mutual support, duties, and mutual support. These values might foster an interdependent view of self. For example, when ask to define themselves, people with interdependent view of self would usually focus on relationship or how they relate to other people (eg., I am a dad or I am a sister). They focus on group harmony, obligations, and duties. In addition, they focus on the group goals rather than individual goals. An interdependent view of self will have many implications for Zoe's life. For example, Zoe will be more cooperative, more self-aware, less self-consistency (eg., she to adapt to different social groups), worry more about group success rather than individual

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