Personal Narrative: The World Of A Football Player

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From agonizing pain, tears rush down my flesh. Physically beat from day to day & night to night, yet the fight goes on. Blisters deep as cuts, scars resemble war wounds. This is the meaning of true love. On a daily basis putting yourself through the torturing realities of being a warrior. This is the meaning of will. Natural abilities are components of dust compared to the mental state to go on. This is the world of a football player. This is the world of Armani Williams. Born to Lakeland, Florida. Home to many football greats such as Ray Lewis, Chris Rainey, Ahmad Black, and the Pouncey twins, Lakeland was the location of my encounter of love at first sight. A highly memorable moment was attending the Florida football playoffs where the…show more content…
Football was practically embed into my soul. Vivid thoughts turn to visual scenes to my naked eye of the sights of soothing rain tapping helmets and the pigskin ball falling gently from a spiral pass. Those thoughts override the negatives of being a target in the southern region of America. When reality from where I’m from is the death of a black man, young or old, doesn’t matter, larger dreams are implanted than just thinking graduating is being successful. Football kept me balanced through the years knowing I needed to play my part in the statistics of black “successful” men. With the obvious that most blacks receive college educations by their ability to perform in a sport, my knowledge had to expand. My place of origin and preferred career choice as a football player led me to be a more focused student in school. Now as a soon to graduate senior in high school, I’ve been in the top of my class all four years. I’ve received the highest graduating writing score of my class with a grade of 284/300, and take all advanced core classes. Having an abundance of knowledge wasn’t just wanted, I needed it more so. But I can honestly say without football, I’d just be an average student who only cared of…show more content…
Separating yourself from the misfortunes comes to play with juggling your future. Adapting to being strong in the weakest of moments defines you as a warrior. I didn’t allow myself to be sidetracked of the obstacles in life. Refusing to cry at a loved one’s funeral, untying myself from troubled beings, and walking straight on the narrow sidewalks in the chaotic cities Atlanta and Miami matured me into a dependable man. Seeing out all the bad and appreciating it allowed me to be comfortable in the most irrational situations. It all came from knowing I had a better feeling in store than the pain cast upon me. My safe haven was always strapped in gear on a turf field. My love for the sport was the blockade of the troubling chaos in the real

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