Personal Narrative: My Love Of Football

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Free Write II I love the fall because fall means football. I love football, especially Auburn Tigers football. I am lucky because I get invited to go to at least two or three games a year. My Great- grandmother and grandmother have season tickets. My uncle,Ron Yarbrough, played football for Auburn from 1965 until 1970. He was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame, in Columbus, Georgia, a few years ago. I love going to the Auburn games because of many reasons. On Game Day, we leave Macon early and drive to Columbus, Georgia, where my great-grandmother lives. When we get to Columbus,my Uncle Ron, Aunt Brenda, Uncle Don, Aunt Judy, mom, dad, my brother, great-grandmother, grandmother and I drive to Auburn to tailgate before…show more content…
We have so much fun at tailgate. After we eat and visit with family, we walk over to the stadium to watch Tiger Walk. Tiger Walk is very exciting, it is when all of the cheerleaders, coaches and players parade into the stadium to a cheering crowd. I love it when I see Aubie, the Auburn mascot. When we see the players, we give the players and everyone that passes by a high-five. Jordan Hare Stadium is beautiful! I get very excited every time I walk up the ramp to go inside the stadium. As soon as I see the field, my heart skips a beat. We have great seats too! We sit 22 rows back from the 50 yard line. The stadium now has the largest Jumbotron in the SEC. It is so cool and the picture is crystal clear! The Jumbotron is bigger than the Leaning Tower of Pisa and as big as two basketball courts. It is 200 feet long and 105 ft high. The screen is longer than the White House. The best tradition of the game is when the eagle flies from the top of the stadium, circles around the stadium, over the crowd, and lands on the field. The whole time the eagle soars, the crowd cheers "Waaaaaarrrrr Eagle until the eagle lands on the field. When the eagle lands

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