Personal Narrative: My First Week Of Football

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What a week of football. I do not even know if I would consider any football games this week a good game. The score was either 0-31 or 62-12. Some teams just got pummeled and I was actually expecting a decent game. BYU played Michigan at the big house and I was expecting a very competitive and intense game. I listened to the first half of the game through the radio since I did not have access to a TV. I really could not believe what I was hearing. It was touchdown after touchdown after touchdown, and BYU was playing so poorly. The radio broadcaster even said that Jake Rudock, who is the Michigan quarterback, was not a good quarterback whatsoever. He just happened to play well with BYU. Maybe it is because BYU was making way to many mistakes. Either way, this game really made BYU look bad. I was…show more content…
Alabama played UL Monroe. Exactly what you are thinking, it is a no brainer. Of course Alabama was going to win and they did! The score was 34-0 and that was exactly what I expected. This was the perfect game for Bateman to get more comfortable on the field and also develop more skills. I read this article recently and I really liked what the writer had to say about Coker. Nick Saban has not officially named his starting quarterback yet and Coker can be frustrated about that. I was disappointed that they started him last week with Ole Miss. In my opinion, a Freshman should not be a starting quarterback for one of the toughest games in the season. The true test will come next week. Alabama will be visiting Georgia next week and I will be honest, I am terrified. I know Georgia is doing very well this season, unfortunately. Alabama's biggest threat will be Malcolm Mitchell. He is Georgia's wide receiver. I could definitely see him going pro. By the end of this season he could definitely be in the top 50 best wide receivers in college

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