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My Personal Narrative I do not only love the game of football, I understand it, and I am also pretty good at it. Football is the only sport that I really enjoy playing. I love the big hits and the big plays. Them are what make football exciting. Football can really show a different part of you. You could be a quiet person that doesn't really talk, then you get out on the field and you start yelling and screaming, you hit people as hard as you can, and you make them big plays. I love the support I get from my family and friends because they are one of the reason I play football because they love to watch me play. My mom, stepdad, aunt grandma are all the people that are always out there supporting me and I love them for doing it. My aunt especially because she does everything she can to be at my games even though she lives an hour and a half away, she still shows up to almost all of my…show more content…
They are like a second family to me. I love everyone of them. I especially love playing with them. They are awesome people and i wouldn't ask for any other people to play with. They are my team. I also play for my coaches because they not only have their jobs to go to all day, but they take another three hours of their day to come coach us so we can be the best we possibly can. I couldn't thank them enough because they are awesome coaches. I love before the games when I have that nervous feeling and I just want the game to start because when I get that feeling, that means it's almost game time, and that means i get to hit people. I love hitting people because all that anger leading up to the game can be taken out on people i don't know and don't like. So after the game I am feeling good because i am not mad anymore. Unless if we lose, then i'm just as mad as I was before. But if we win, i'm happy, all that anger goes away, and by the time i get home i am ready to go to bed because i am sore and

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