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I stepped out of the Impala and followed the boys back into the stupid motel room we were staying in for a few days. I went straight to my horrible, uncomfortable bed, flopped on it, and sighed. I hate staying in motels. We always stay in crappy, cheap motels. Most of them are disgusting. This one was just one step up from disgusting. Dean sat down on his bed as Sam went into the bathroom to change out of his FBI clothes. Dean looked at me and rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what I was thinking. “Y/N, come on. It's just for a few days. Just until we wrap this case up.” I ignored him, choosing to sulk instead. A few moments later, Sam came out of the bathroom with his normal clothes on. He took one glance at me and said, “I think someone's spoiled.” He smirked. “I am not!” I picked up one of my pillows and chucked it at Sam, but missed. Sam dodged just in time. Castiel chose that exact moment to teleport into the room directly behind Sam, and my pillow hit him right in the face. He looked down at the pillow that hit him, confused. He then looked back up to see who was missing a pillow. His eyes settled on me and he frowned, “Why did you throw that pillow at me?” I'd had my hands…show more content…
There were a bunch of random, young girls disappearing, and we suspected it was a vampire looking to turn girls into more vamps. We weren't quite positive, though, so we'd have to keep investigating and asking questions (oh joy). It was nothing more than what I already knew, but we decided to fill Cas in so he could help us anyway he could. Cas kept glancing over at me during the conversation and he'd smile, most likely because he thought he was my favorite now. I mean, I like Cas, he's cool, but I don't like him any more than I do Sam and Dean (even though they are annoying jerks). I simply smiled back at Cas and continue talking about the case, ignoring the sudden change in the way he looked at

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