Personal Narrative Fiction

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Sorry, Maya My shirt was wrinkled, my hair a mess, there was a tear in my sock, and I had spilled coffee on my pants while leaving my house. It was a typical mourning. The sky was a cold shade of grayish blue and my breath came out of my nose like smoke from a dragon's mouth. I fiddled with the lock on my old beat-up ’92 Lancer. My car was a piece of shit, but it got me to where I needed to go; the heater was busted so I had to drive in the cold. I couldn’t wait to get somewhere warm, but of course there was traffic. This had to be the hundredth time I was late to school but the teachers didn’t even want to be a school, so they really couldn’t care less if we were there on time. As I walked into school I noticed my friend Maya was late too,…show more content…
It was marvelously, spectacularly gelid. It was simply wonderful. I had never been so happy to be cold in my life. The fresh frigid air filled my lungs, it felt so good to be able to breathe again, but something was still bothering me, how could I live with myself knowing I’d left Maya behind? I got up and began looking for her in the crowd of people. A uneasy feeling began to grow in my stomach, what if she hadn’t made it out? I continued to push my way through the flock of exasperated teens, as I made my way through, a squad of firetrucks came racing down the street, the teachers told the kids to clear the way and as always no one listened until they thought they would get flattened by a truck. As the mongrels cleared out I noticed one of them taking longer than the rest, it was Maya! I could always count on her to be the last to give a shit about anything going on around her. I ran over to her with a smile and she countered with a strange look “Why are you so happy?”, she asked, “No reason.” her look intensified,” You didn’t have something to do with this, did you?” “Of course not “, I answered. I didn’t want to tell her I momentarily thought that I’d let her meet a fiery demise; I thought it would make things kind of awkward. I was just happy my friend wasn’t barbecued at this point. We were all sent home that day and sadly had to come back the next day since only about a quarter of the school was destroyed. Apparently you only really need about half a school to

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