Cyber Security Breach Paper

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Today cyber security threats can no longer be ignored. Case in point. Just this past week two major security breaches were recently announced. Experian Plc, one of the biggest consumer credit monitoring services, announced this past week that a massive security breach resulting in over 15 million customer records was stolen (Finkel, 2015). In addition, Scottrade, a public stock trading provider, announced they had a security breach where 4.6 million customer records were stolen containing physical addresses, email addresses and social security numbers (Pagliery, 2015). Business associates are entrusting this company with the responsibility in protecting extremely sensitive and even classified material stored on company’s internal systems from external cyber attacks intended at gaining, damaging, modifying, or destroying stored data. This company can ill afford such a public security breach which would damage this company’s image and customer confidence and trust in our services. This document will cover new comprehensive security plan that will layout new policies in physical, cyber, computer applications and remote…show more content…
Implementing Microsoft Active Directory services can allow the defining of organizational units (OU) with specific security access to network resources on internal servers. OU can also restrict users from applications as well as keeping them from installing software on company workstations. In addition, all individual computer workstations and mobile devices should have anti-virus and malware detection and removal tools installed. Anti-virus and malware detection software application will help protect against the unauthorized installation of malicious software which could provide secret back doors for cyber criminals to gain access into the internal network (Keist,

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