Dr. Murphy's Experiment-Personal Narrative

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Between the infinite planes of walls that outlined the building, figures in white coats chaotically moved about. Amidst the people were tables, hundreds of them in fact. They were square, plastic tables with smooth edges. On the tables, glass tubes and beakers of unknown fluids rested. Every few seconds, a nearby figure would mix the different tubes, forming yet another mysterious substance now possessing a different color. Above all this madness, engraved unto the dome ceiling, massive letters each spanning 5 meters in length read “The Laboratory.” Near a table labeled 2132, a middle-aged man radiating confidence and authority steadily approached a younger man seemingly in his twenties. “Zander, have you been able to replicate the results of Dr. Sheumate recently?” inquired the man of power. “No, Dr. Murphy. But I have been thinking about the far-reaching consequences of…show more content…
Murphy militarily marched between the tables towards a silent corner on the opposite wall. It was a corner concealed in darkness, lacking the hectic crowd everywhere else. Zander wordlessly trailed behind, leaving the woman behind. While walking towards the door, Zander’s face betrayed his emotions. At first, uncertainty clouded his eyes, and then, resolution sparked in his eyes. Despite the previous discipline, Zander was unwilling to concede to Dr. Murphy’s views. Again, he attempted to bolster his point. “Dr. Murphy, I have pondered on the subject for days now. I have reasoned with myself in my kitchen, in my car, and in my bed. But what if the Resistance leaders were correct? What if the inherent danger in the experiment offsets the Earth’s delicate balance of life? The experiment is simply too risky,” asserted Zander. “Zander, my boy. The Resistance has gotten into your mind. Return to your intelligent self, must I explain myself constant like talking to a child?” asked Dr. Murphy. “I would rather be treated like a child than be making a mistake, professor,” answered

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