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“Yep, that’s exactly what I am saying.” David responded with a grin on his face. “How safe is it exactly?” I asked worriedly. He looked at me, his face now serious. “You see, we have only sent objects or animals back in time. When we received them back, seven out of ten times they were perfectly normal.” He said. “What you’re saying is, I may have a higher chance of coming out exactly as I went in?” I questioned. “Yes, but since you are much larger than other things we have sent through. You still have a good chance, but the complications aren’t completely gone.” He responded. “Well, life’s worth the risks. I’m in, and I have a destination.” I said. “Great, can you tell me the destination? I will send you there as soon as possible,”…show more content…
I trailed behind David, thinking about meeting my father. I have dreamed about this, but never thought it would happen. We neered a door, just a plain white door. He turned the knob, and led me inside. I took in the room, and wasn’t surprised. Of course it was plain white, and there were a bunch of people inside. If you have ever seen a NASA control room, this is what it looked like. All the people, turned and looked at me. None of them seemed surprised to see me there. Some stared at me others just looked for a second, then turned to whatever they were doing before. David moved me along, apparently wanting to get out of there fast. We arrived into this small room, and a chair sat inside a tube in the middle. I assumed it was the time machine. He looked at me, and smiled before going to a TV and typing in his phone. The TV lit up and showed a time line. It zoomed in on a small part of it, and it displayed this date, October, 10, 2003 That must be the time I was going to. He turned and walked towards me. He handed me, what looked like a smart phone and gave me these instructions. “If you ever don’t want to proceed, just press this red button.” David said this in a comforting voice. I knew I could trust him. “Okay, so if I press it, then I can come back to now?” I asked. “Yes, and we will go from there.” He stated. “Now can you go sit on that chair, and I will give you a countdown until I send you back, got it?” I…show more content…
Colors whirred past me, shapes streaked my eyes. I couldn’t hear or think, it was just as if I was floating through nothing. All of a sudden it all stopped. I could tell I was standing, I didn’t want to reopen my eyes. I still couldn’t hear, and my body was numb. I finally decided to open my eyes, and I looked around. I was in a nightclub, there were people everywhere. It felt as if I was watching a 3D movie, with the sound off. I looked down at my hand, and saw the smart phone. I was relieved. I saw my mom, having fun dancing and partying hard. I had to stifle a laugh. I kept scanning the crowd, trying to see if any of them looked like he would be my dad. I didn’t see anyone who seemed that way. I felt as if I would just know right away who he was. It would just feel right I told myself, but I had a nagging feeling in my mind. I’m not ready, I can’t do this. I don’t want to know yet, I thought I was ready. I was dead wrong. I couldn’t take it anymore, the door was just opening. I panicked and pressed the button, as soon as the guy started to come in. I had the same feeling, as before. I didn’t care, I was scared. I was crying, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t know. I realized I didn’t want to know. It all stopped and I realized I was back. I just kept crying though, I wanted my mom. I wanted to go

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