Personal Narrative Fiction

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I screamed in frustration, for what seemed like the hundredth time I pushed the glowing blue button on the remote control. The screen of my almost brand new tv flickered on and off. It was teasing me, the faint buzz seemed to laugh at my annoyance. Please, please work! I thought as I tried one last time, and as if to answer my question there was a click and buzzing and flickering of lights stopped. Well, then I guess it says no, I thought quietly to myself. I sat there staring at the reflection of myself in the glass, I saw a 12-year-old girl, with untamed red hair, light green eye. I also saw Rhonda, the girl who stays inside, the girl involved in nothing, the girl who knows no-one, and the girl who you can find almost always in front of the Tv. But know what was she going to do? Her main source of entertainment was gone, and this was the type of day where worth paying attention happens unless of course it is on a screen of moving pictures.…show more content…
But Her mom also knew that nothing would be gained staring at the tv, or at least this one. ¨Rhonda, would you do me a favor? I See you're not doing anything very productive and I could really use some help.¨ Her mom

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