Personal Narrative: Animal Science

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We each snagged our book bags off the kitchen table as we made a beeline for the door. As soon as we latched the garage door, we raced out to the shiny, black 1999 Dodge Intrepid that was waiting patiently for us at the end of our driveway. Once Nicole won our race to the car, she unlocked it and we piled our school necessities into the car and then climbed into our designated seats. Little did we know that morning would be one that we would never forget. Nicole's eyes started to glisten as she rambled on about how excited she was for her mock interview that day while I sat back and grumbled about how I had to go build some makeshift chicken coops for Animal Science. We followed our basic path to school just talking and laughing about everything…show more content…
Waiting and waiting and waiting, we sat at a stand still for at least two minutes just watching and waiting for that gap we desired and then BAM! Everything went black, it felt as though a rocket had just launched. We were slammed forward into our seatbelts and then thrown back against our seats as we were thrown forward in the vehicle. As the car soared forward Nicole screamed, ¨CAN YOU SEE?!¨ and my simple response was a plain no. Once the car came to a stop and we could see again we looked at each other, Nicole's big brown eyes full of worry, her usually nice kept brown hair sticking out in all directions, and a red raspberry was forming on her forehead where she had hit the steering wheel. After making sure we were both fine Nicole asked the question we were both wondering, ¨What was that?¨ She ordered me to call our dad as she exited the vehicle. After calling my father, I too exited the vehicle only to see we had moved up a block and a half and our poor bumper laid where we were previously resting. In our old spot sat a silver Sedan with liquids gushing out of its smashed front

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