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The Adaptation Analyze of Wolf Totem The brief introduction of the film The novel adaptation Wolf Totem based on the original text to recreate the images into a film named Wolf Totem either, which released in 2015 by Sino-French producers. It tells two Chinese urban students Chen Zhen and Yang Zhen followed the Chairman Mao’s call to join the Cultural Revolution by educating the isolated rural populace in Inner Mongolia. They also need to help the local Mongolia residents to raise domestic animals and cooperate with them to defense the dangerous Mongolia wolves. With several times to learn about wolf, Chen was fascinated about Mongolia wolf’s character and culture, then kept a cub secretly to learn it. But in that particular time,…show more content…
It described the daily life in Inner Mongolia with the main character Chen Zhen’s experiences who was a Beijing student seeking and sinking in the history and culture of wolf. The wolf depicted as paradoxical role in the ecological system, in people’s life, in the shaping of Chinese “character” and in the development of history along with a vivid describing of Mongolian nomads, their history, religion, culture, tradition(). The novel is not merely a wolf story, but an encyclopedia of Mongolia culture on many aspects, including ecology, society, nomads’ life, religion, philosophy, allusion, dialect and history etc, and a masterpiece of the national character reflection and suggestion. The film of wolf totem adapted from the novel, and takes 7 years to finish, it tells the similar stories happened in the novel, but at the same time, it also add and omit the messages in detail. The whole work evaluated as the biographical of wolf successfully portrayed in the screen. However, comparing to the original text, there are some differences the film was adapted to be more understandable and touchable. The differences in the…show more content…
Chen Zhen is more complex about his personality in the novel, but in the film , Chen is more simplicity and he want to feed the wolf just for curious, the film did not present the complex traits in his personality. Another adaptation is that he has the relationship with the main female character Gesmai. This relationship comes with the death of her husband, but did not have happy ending, she cannot marriage with him, due to she don’t think that he could stay in the Mongolia and stay with her, she thought he will come back to Beijing someday. But actually, it make no sense if the Chen has made the decision to marriage with her. Image that, Chen has the personality to seek for freedom and worship the wolf cultural in the Mongolia, it is very possible that he can stay there, but why the Gasmai refuse even she has some feeling to him. It really make no sense, if explain that by the conflict between Han and Mongolia ethnic people, but they stay together for a long time, the Mongolians can accept Chen Zhen in the film. Or the film just want to highlight the conflict existed among the Han and other ethical

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