Wealth Inequalities In The United States

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Federal government programs have been put in place to protect the rights of the citizens of this nation for nearly 250 years. However, that very government has discriminated against foreigners and its own citizens in the form of wealth. From the 1862 Homestead Act which handed Native American land over to White people; all the way to 1942 when Japanese Americans and decedents were forced to sell their belongings very cheap to White Americas and then forced into internment camps. Many of these government programs were designed to help the people of the United States, so long as they are white. Some government programs stole wealth from one race and gave it to White Americans or forcibly stopped Non-whites for generating wealth causing a wealth gap between Whites and Non-whites. The wealth gap exists today in 2015 and will most certainly exist for many more generations. Capitalism needs wealth inequalities in order to function, therefore, someone needs to be at the bottom of the economic class structure.…show more content…
For example, Black Americans were given 160 acres of land after the Civil war which would have helped them become self-sustaining within society. Shortly after they had received the land it was taken away from them and given back to the original White owners. When successful Black businesses would pop up in communities they were often destroyed by jealous members of society while the government turned a blind eye. Since the Black race was freed in the United States, their opportunity to generate wealth, even if successful, has been low. The first generation is unable to help the second generation succeed and so on and so forth. The wealth gap will probably close at some point with modern laws actually protecting all citizens and not some based off race, but that time will most definitely be slow coming and will probably never be fully
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