Indigenous Peoples Stereotypes

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I have no new understandings, to be honest, that I am struggling with. My parents raised me to always keep an open mind, but also not to judge someone too quickly. They said this, because you do not actually know what is going on in another person’s life. The thing I struggle with the most when learning about the Indigenous Peoples is my own anger. And I am angry, because everything we have learned, so far, I had already knew a bit about how the Indigenous Peoples came to be this way. Also I knew a bit about where some of the stereotypes of the Indigenous Peoples came from. But, my anger grows for every new thing I learn. And I am not angry with anyone, but mostly angry about how it happened and how almost nothing is being done to acknowledge…show more content…
When I think about their culture I find it amazing, and free. What I enjoy most is having fun discovering and learning new things about the Indigenous Peoples culture. Although I may not understand a lot about Indigenous culture, I know that it was free. Sadly though I do not know a lot of or any traditions of Indigenous culture, but I would love to learn more about it. Everything thing I learnt about the Indigenous People’s that I found correct, came from my high school history teacher. I liked his way of teaching and I am very grateful to him and respect him, as well. When he taught us, he taught us to look at both sides of the story. He never leaned heavily on either side, he let us make our own choices, opinions and let us draw our own conclusions. Now though I am glad that I decided to take this class anyways, because at first I only knew generally what happened to the Indigenous Peoples. Now though I am glad that I am learning more in-depth about it from the people that actually had to experience it. That way I know it will be the truth, because I will be hearing what really happened to the Indigenous Peoples from them, themselves. Not from people who said ‘this is how it
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