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Dr. Lynn Snyder captured the audience with her outstanding findings of the well in the Agora of Athens. Prior to the lecture I imagined the well findings were a result of an unknown Greek ritual or secret disposal of unwanted children. In fact the cause of the well babies was more human and easier to relate to than the imagined secret disposal. As she revealed her findings we sat there seized in each finding, annotating the methods and evidence in which brought her to the conclusion of the untimely deaths of these children. She was precise and thorough and gave a compelling argument that these children were not the cause of genocide or infanticide. I was amazed with her ability to determine 50% of the cause of deaths of infants in the well. Just like most archeological work, I suppose, these findings only gave way to more questions.…show more content…
Snyder revealed that this well was in secluded, even though it was in the center of Athens, near metal works dedicated to the god Hephaestus. The evidence that this part of Athens became abandoned is what prickled the question why in my mind. Was it due to the spiritual pollution this well imposed on its surroundings? If this was the case then obviously more than a few people became aware of the dealings of these two likely mid-wives. We know that some people outside of the mid-wives were aware this pollution existed due to the abused child and the man who suffered from a genetic disease found in the well. Not to mention the fact that someone or some people acted by piling rocks into the well, to prevent further pollution. This evidence begs the question, how many knew about it and what consequences did the mid-wives have to

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