The Run Race Narrative

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Narrative Essay: Girls on the Run Race I can hear the finish line well before I can see it. For now, all I can see is the gigantic hill in front of me. Wow, I never would have guessed that Mount Everest was in St. Louis. Man, I really do not want to run up that mountain. Maybe if I just drop out of the race now, no one will notice. Hmm… I wonder if that port-o-potty is a good spot to “disappear”… “Emma!! You got this, girl!! You’re in first place!” Wait, what? I know that voice. I know I’ve heard it before…but who is it? “C’mon, Emma!! Don’t quit; you’re doing awesome!!” Oh. Now I know how I recognize that voice. It’s my dad. There’s so many things I want to say back to him, but it’s extremely difficult to string more than a few words together without becoming completely depleted of oxygen.…show more content…
Well, the word “sentence” is a bit of a stretch. “Emma, you only have 200 meters to go. You’re almost there.” Two hundred meters. Wow, that’s a long distance. Especially if it’s all uphill. Wow. Two hundred meters. I wonder how much of a mile that is. If one mile is 1600 meters, then 200 meters must be … one eighth of a mile. Emma, you do know that some athletes train all their lives to run 200 meters. Which means that it’s difficult to run that far. Which means that there is no shame in dropping out of the race right now, right? But if I drop out now, that means I’m quitting. And Emma, do you know who quits? Yeah, that’s right: quitters. Emma, are you a quitter? No. So are you going to quit?
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