Personal Narrative Analysis

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It was pretty bad and getting worse. All we did was fight and when we werent fighting we were ignoring eachother. I liked the ignoring part more than the fighting. A mother and daughter fight. its inevidable, but the way we were fighting was different. It was up to a whole nother level. We fought like we were sisters but it was worse, because we werent sisters. We would tear each other down whenever we got the chance. I would push her buttons, and she would push mine. We got really good at it actually, pushing each others buttons. We knew just what button to push at what time just to piss each other off. Now, thats not something we should have been proud of, but we used it to our advantage. “ You are so damn stupid!” was something she would…show more content…
Even though i know she wasnt really asking me, she was just making saying that to make me mad. Anyway, my older sister could do no wrong. And she never really did. She was a goody goody. Never got in trouble, always did everything right (in my mother’s eyes), when she was in high school she didnt party, didnt date, or do anything a typical teenager would do. If you asked me id say she was boring. Even if she did do anything wrong, Mom would just say, “oh dont cry over spilt…show more content…
It was the same everytime. Dad would defend me, Mom wouldnt care.I never understood her. She always said she would never be like her mom, but i guess a lot of parents said that. She was pretty damn close. My mom would tell me stories about her childhood and they usually ended with, “and thats why i raise you like i do.” She put herself on a pedestal. I would just nod my head so we wouldnt fight. Never really told her what i really thought though. Until i couldnt take it anymore. I didnt do it is person becuase i had a lot to say, and i knew she would never let me finish. I wrote a letter, I let it all out. I repeated things she would say to me, thinking maybe if she read them herself she would realise what she was saying to her daughter. I told her how she favored her children and how i felt about it. Anyway, i left it so she would read it while i was at school. I was pretty nervous the whole day.Until i got a call. Turns out my mom called my sister crying. “What the hell? You are so stupid! You cant just say all those things to Mom. Do you understand what you just did? She called me crying!” Almost her exact words, those ones i remember

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