Personal Narrative Analysis

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As I got older, I began going to the doctor more often. I felt like it was necessary because I was hearing more reports about how important preventive care is. I also started experiencing headaches that I hadn’t normally been experiencing. Once I started going to the doctor regularly, he discovered that my blood pressure was at a dangerously high level. Although I wasn’t the heaviest I’d ever been, my doctor instructed me to lose weight, to help get my blood pressure down. My weight had never caused me to have any major health concerns! I was shocked because I’d never been told by a doctor, that I needed to lose some weight. I didn’t take it as serious until, after the medications didn’t work, and he had to refer me to a Cardiologist!…show more content…
When I began getting negative reports about my health, I realized that the issues with health was causing me more serious problems than I’d imagined. I began to look at things differently. Even though I’d been exercising a few days out of the week, I began to take exercising more serious! I knew that one of the main reasons that I was the size that I was, was because of my love for desserts. I felt like that was the perfect place for me to start making changes. That’s when I asked myself, “What’s more important, this snack, or staying alive?” The following Monday, I was listening to The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Steve talked about how people make all types of New Year’s resolutions every year. He mentioned that it should be the year that we make a resolution for our health. He talked about how it should be the year that we start taking better care of ourselves. He also talked about starting the New Year off right, by taking on a healthy weight loss challenge. He introduced a new weight loss program that he was

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