Personal Narrative Analysis

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During eighth grade, my new life began. My grades improved and my teachers finally saw the real Chelsey. New friends came into my life and even a silly boyfriend. Basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading became my new pastimes. Life was enjoyable and my confidence was at its highest peak, but one thing caused me to doubt myself again. Two weeks before graduation, my principal told me I was valedictorian of my class and had to prepare a speech. Uncertainty began to fill my body. Could I really create a speech and read it in front of a gymnasium full of people? No was not an option to that question. I went home that day and began the long writing process. Thoughts of happiness and depression raced across my mind as I tried to describe middle school. The principal wanted the truth, so I decided to let my feelings gush onto the paper. I yearned for everyone to feel the pain and happiness of each word.…show more content…
Every time I heard a noise I jumped. My mother carefully curled my hair and helped me put on my cap and gown. I slipped into my favorite white sandals and before I knew it, I arrived at Jones Fork Elementary. Nervously, I walked inside the school to see my worst nightmare, Brenda. My mother had invited her without even consulting me. Fear began to flow through my veins and my heart began to slowly drop into my stomach. Brenda finally spoke her harsh words, “Well, it’s surprising to see you as valedictorian. Are you sure you can get on that stage in front of all these people and give your speech? I can’t believe you were the smartest out of your class; everyone else must be complete

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