Comparing Finland And Uganda Abortion

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Comparison Essay: Finland and Uganda Abortion has become a worldwide problem. There are some countries that struggle even more because of their low living conditions and/or government. Other countries have control over the issue, usually those with better life environment and government, that they seem to be just fine. An example of each: Finland and Uganda. Both of these countries will give a good idea of how there are some countries that know how to handle the issue and others that have difficulties over it. Differences and similarities will also be recognized by both of these countries and will give a good example on how the situation is around the world. Even if they are similar in a…show more content…
Schools in Finland give kids a good sexual education program where they can carefully learn about the risks when it comes to sexual intercourse and that causes it may have in their healthy and social life. People in the country are also well informed about abortion and what the law states. Uganda has major complications over the problem itself. Since most kids can't afford school, they are left with no knowledge over sexual topics and even those who do go to school don't get as much as education from the topics since it does not have good sexual education. Uganda's major problem is the understanding of its people over what their law states on abortion, which people carelessly take it the wrong way and causes the cause of the problem. Safety Medical services are sleek on Finland, with their hospitals having good services and safely better hygienic environments. Abortion centers in Finland are more well prepared to do an abortion and patients are treated and left in a good matter. In Uganda, it is not well habited to have an abortion due to their more opened and kind of dirty environment, while not having a good place to have an actual good

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