Personal Narrative: A Short Story

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Every morning I wake up with the same question "how do I get through today?" It seems impossible to think that I have a future, even if it's just in twelve hours. It doesn't seem real to think that I'm going anywhere because I feel so trapped, I've felt so trapped ever since middle school. I'm living in constant battle, me versus depression and anxiety, and they have a very strong alliance. Once night rolls in and I finally get to lay down in bed I can't tell myself that I've won, but it's only for today and tomorrow's a whole different story, because in the morning they're winning again and it seems that I always have to start over with my progress but they keep growing, never having to start over. Most of the time I think that they're going…show more content…
In that moment it almost becomes a flame because I feel the hope I can see, but it has yet to hold more than a measly spark. Though if I have ever held a flame it has been through the think I think I do best, listen. Listening doesn't seem so fantastic but a lot of the time it's all someone needs. But listening and being heard are two different things, two different feelings. I love making someone feel heard, making someone feel like they have someone who knows them, who can help them and make them feel better. As a kid I never thought that I'd want to be a psychologist so bad, but now as much as I want to be one, I don't want to do it because it's my…show more content…
Everyone tells me that I give off a sense of independence, like I know what I'm doing and that I can help. A lot of people are drawn to me just because of that, and if I didn't give that sort of sense off I'm sure I would have the friends I do, and I wouldn't have gained such great friends to lose, because I do. I lose the people I help all the time. It's really sad to me but to them it's like opening a new book because they found their own independence by latching onto mine, and once they were ready they broke off and took a little piece of me and my independence with them. I find that it helps me grow and I can watch them grow, and it's so beneficial for me because I feel like I'm accomplishing something. I helped someone take off so that they can control their own flight and I just wish that someone would have helped me do that. That's the biggest reason I want to be who I am, this leader with this confidence and independence. To help others not become who I seem to still be underneath all of

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