Bear Creek Environmental Report

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Introduction Water is one of the most important substances that we have on Earth. Not only does it support the life of our ecosystems but it also supports those of the organisms in those ecosystems. In addition to the environment, water also makes up a majority of the human body as well. We can see how important it is to our planet and our own health. Therefore the health of our water systems is very important, there are different variables that we can look at to determine the health of streams. The presence or absence of certain macroinvertabrates can tell us a lot about the health of a body of water. The health of the water also has an effect on the environment around it, thus, the environment also has an effect of the body of water as…show more content…
On the other hand Cherry Creek, is located in an urban area of Downtown Denver, where there is a lot of human disturbance. Knowing the relationship between abiotic and biotic factors in the environment, and how they impact each other, we believed that Bear Creek would be healthier than Cherry Creek and contain more bio-indicators due to the location of the creek and the observations that were made when we visited the two sites, this hypothesis is also based on the information that we know about Materials and…show more content…
They were also part of the team that was in charge of recording the time and weather conditions that were present. They were also responsible for setting a transect at the end of the ten meter length of the stream, running from one bank of the stream to another, they then set another transect five meters downstream and a third transect at the end of the ten meter stretch. On each of the transects that were set, a measuring tape was used to determine the bank to bank width of each transect. A meter stick was then used to measure the depth at each bank and in the middle of each transect. The physical parameters team also observed the creek bed in each of the transects to determine if they were sandy or gritty, and if they were contained a lot of rocks and boulders. This group also observed the flow rate of the stream using a flow meter that was provided. There were three recording that were taken in the middle of the stream and then the mean was

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