Personal Narrative Essay: A Short Story

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The soft, red velvet cushion of the seats in Orvis Auditorium met my body as I sank into the comfortable chair. My body did not move an inch as I waited for the judges to call my contestant number. Oh my gosh. I hope I don't embarrass myself on the stage. I hope I don't forget the notes. I hope I don't mess up. Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh. The thoughts of negativity raced through my head. I felt as if my heart would leap out of my mouth. A man with an expensive looking coat, slacks, and sparkling black shoes announced, "contestant number ten." I slowly rose out of the comfy chair and I walked briskly in my black high heels, up the wooden stairs and to a black seat next to a monstrous instrument with black and white ivory teeth. I plopped myself down on the seat and took a few deep breaths. Okay, I've practiced and prepared hard for this competition, and my piano teacher was telling me I was getting better. I can do this. I lifted my hand above the black and white keys and I touched the first note of my program.…show more content…
What the heck! Why is it SO out of tune! I thought they tuned the instrument last night! Instead of stopping my performance, I decided that the best option was to try my best with what I had. I twiddled and tapped my fingers on the black and white keys, trying to bear with the piano's awful wheezes. I listened and I sang in my head the melodies and accompaniment of each and every one of my songs, but to me, every note sounded horridly out of

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