Serial Killers: A Short Story

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Serial killers aren't always pariahs. Jacob had heard that plenty on documentaries he'd watched on fellow serial killers. The John Wayne Gacy's of the world were affable, fun loving guys who shocked everyone when their deep, dark secrets were made public. Jacob fell in that category as well. It wasn't that he loved people or being the center of attention, but Jacob had a way with words. He was confident bordering on arrogant. He wasn't the least bit shy or passive. He knew what he wanted and he took it. Most of those conquests were beautiful women. Jacob had always been handsome, with dark, mysterious eyes women ladies were drawn to and a large, domineering frame. He had broad shoulders and short, immaculately kept hair. He could have been…show more content…
When he was young, he was the kid with the magnifying glass frying ants to a crisp. When he got a little older, he mutilated squirrels and rats. He would cut a hole in their gut and pull out their insides. He'd pop their beady eyes out of their sockets and string them up in the basement until the smell of their rotting flesh became too much. These little quirks never were discovered by his barely present parents. Jacob had friends, but they were more just kids who he didn't despise. He'd go to parties just for the girls, use his good looks and charm and coax them into bed with him. He wasn't much for love even in high school. Instead, he chose to fuck them and forget them. His more violent nature didn't come into play until much later. His first kill was shortly after his twenty first birthday. Jacob had dropped out of college and lived pretty much as a nomad. He would crash someone's couch, eat their food and then bail without so much as a thank you. His sexual conquests were often a result of this new found…show more content…
His eyes caught a glimpse of the drying rack with all of the clean dishes on the kitchen counter as he walked through to head back to the bedroom. A knife stood at attention there, almost begging him to grab hold. He grasped it firmly and as he stood alone in the kitchen, he waved it around as if he was fighting some invisible assailant. Despite the fact that he'd just finished having sex, he grew hard again as he thought about plunging the cool blade into Brandy's warm flesh. He reveled in the thought, so much that without any sort of proper planning, he made his way into the room and closed the door behind

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