The Court System

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“The Courts” The United States court system is one of the reasons this country has stayed so stable for so long. The system used in this country helps American’s find a peaceful guide to resolving disputes that cannot be resolved between each of the parties involved. American Federal courts can even make new laws, change laws, and interpret other laws based on the constitution and public opinion. The federal court systems start at a state level, consisting of civil and trial courts. The matter must introduce facts legally and how it relates to the law before an appellate court can hear a matter. The civil, or trial courts usually here domestic issues and criminal issues that require a judge’s opinion and sometimes a jury’s to decide who is and is not right in their action. The…show more content…
The United States currently hears cases in 1 of 12 circuit courts and each court has 6 to 28 judges. Additionally, trials usually have 3 judges per matter. If they case is granted another appeal the matter will move to one of the federal appellate courts that will have jurisdiction over the matter. Moreover, if a case is sent to the supreme court (the court of last resort), the party submitting a writ of citeori that present new facts and four of the Nine justice’s agree to hear the case then it will be out on the docket. There are a total of Nine justices, consisting of a chief justice and eight other equal justice’s. Usually all will sit on the bench during trial, but in the case of a non- unanimous vote, the chief justices takes the lead in the decision. The supreme court decision affects the people of this country and can and does change existing laws that are already in place. It does this to keep the peace and protect the people of the country in addition to those involved in the cases brought before
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