Personal Narrative

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It was just a regular day of school for me. When I wake up my first priority is to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. After I brush my teeth, I then go to my room to get ready for school. I wear my favorite pair of blue skinny jeans and a black shirt that says “late nights, good music, no sleeps”. When I am on my way to school I realize how cold it is and I forgot my jacket. So I ran back to my house and grabbed my jacket. Now I know I will be late for school. When I am on my way back to school again I hear someone call my name, “Evelyn!” I hear it again, so I look over to my left and see my best friend, Crystal, running over to me. “Wait for me!” She yells. So I do, I stand there for a bit until she finally catches up to me. As we were walking and talking all the way to school, something catches my eye in the bushes. So I look over and there was nothing there, so I kept on walking. Not even a minute later, something catches my eye again, but this time I crouch down to investigate it. When I move the bushes around a little bit, I see a little glimpse of fur in the bushes. So I move the bushes some more until I saw the little animal. It does not look like any other animal that I have seen, it looks more like a Gremlin before it eats at midnight.…show more content…
I am pretty sure you see what happens when you keep one and you feed it at
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