Personal Experience: My Last Day In Korea

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On August 24th, which was my last day in Korea, I went out for three appointments. I had to handle some errands beforehand though. Firstly, I spent my time on cleaning my room before heading out as my older brother, who would be completely free from his two-year military service, will be using my room after my leave. After cleaning my room, the second thing I did was to head out to the cell phone service store in the neighborhood to terminate my phone service and lastly, I also purchased some emergency drugs in the pharmacy. Around at 3p.m., I took a train heading to downtown area to meet my former colleague. She is a 29-year-old Chinese woman, who’s currently working as a Chinese-Korean translator in the duty free shop. She and I met in our previous job and we both worked in the department of customer service coincidentally. At first glance, I never noticed that she is a Chinese due to her fluent Korean. Then, we became close as we had a common interest, which is a Japanese film. So even after I quit my job, we met each other to catch some Japanese movies. At 4p.m. when I reached the meeting place, I received a message from her saying that she just came out from hospital nearby so she would be late. After 20 minutes, she reached our meeting spot, and she passed me a gift box from ‘L’Occitane’. There was a set of the cherry blossom scented hand…show more content…
I was supposed to meet my mom and brother for supper. As I entered the restaurant, I saw them already eating and drinking. The menus were the Hungarian sausages, the dried Pollack and the Gorgonzola pizza with the Pale Ale. I was totally stuffed but I tried my best to finish my last meal at home. I remember my brother was telling me about Samsung’s new Galaxy and my mom saying something about the luggage. I barely remember what we talked during that night but I know they were there for me as it was my last day at

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